Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take It Back Now Y'all

The Peace Corps has three goals: 1) Technical support - I teach health things. 2) Teaching Togolese people about Amerika - Football: Its like rugby but totally different. 3) Teaching Americans about Togo - this blog and/or wikipedia.

The third goal is one of the top three most important goals in Peace Corps history(!!!) yet it is usually pushed back as the least important topic as it is hard to realize in country, and once a PCV gets home, fufu and pate take a backseat to cheese coneys and crave cases.

However, thanks to the wonders of the internets (Togo just upgraded their vacuum tubes), contact between volunteers in the middle of nowhere and everyday people like yourself is a possibity.

Part of my goal 3 contribution is the World Wise Schools Correspondence Match - a program that links Peace Corps Volunteers to schools in the States in hopes of a better worldwide understanding of cultures.

My "kids" are Mrs. Shields' 3rd grade class at Hilliard Elementary in Westlake, Ohio (near Cleveland). They seem like a fun bunch and we have a lot in common!!! We all enjoy geography, trick-or-treating and dodgeball!!

Anyways, Mrs. Shields has set up a blog for the kids to ask me questions about life for kids like them in EPP (Ecole Primaire Publique), so if you'd like to know what the kids are up to these days head on over to:

BUT PLEASE!!!!!! - that blog is a forum for third graders to communicate with me in a safe environment, so I want to institute a museum policy there (look but dont touch). Please take a look to see what American kids want to know about Africa, and I will repost any fun stuff here. But in the long run, this blog will remain a (somewhat) unfiltered look at my life in Togo - with all the trials and tribulations involved.

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